We further progressive and democratic ideals


The mission of the Cornell Democrats shall be to actively represent and promote the Democratic Party’s interests and ideals within the Cornell community and to foster a community of progressive individuals on the Cornell Campus. The Cornell Democrats shall actively support principles of social, political, and economic justice.

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General Body meetings are every Wednesday 5:30pm at Rockefeller 230

As the Cornell Democrats (Cornell Dems), we are the Cornell chapter of the College Democrats of America, and a chapter of the College Democrats of New York. We seek to educate about, lead discussions of, and participate in the political issues of the day. Our focus in on campus, local, national, and international. One of our organization's purposes is to get Democrats elected at the local, state and national level. We meet at least once a week and in these meetings we learn about and discuss politics, host political speakers, organize social action and campaign activities, and participate in the political process. Our meetings are open to anyone whether you are a news junkie or someone just starting to learn about politics.

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